Organization Information

Pushpanjali was founded in 1982 by S.C. Mittal. It then started with 5 producers. Rapidly Mr Mittal got to meet Oxfam organization, with whom Pushpanjali started to discuss and exchange on the concept of Fair Trade. From the very beginnings idea was to provide sustainable livelihood to marginalized and disadvantaged people, so they can live a decent life. This was all the more important in Agra, where industries are rare due to the ban put by the government to protect Taj Mahal from pollution. As a consequence there are few employment opportunities in Agra, and the main industry still remaining in Agra is shoe making. With Agra being a key tourism destination, handicraft has emerged as an alternative for self-employment to many people. So it made a lot of sense to support the handicraft sector in this context, via Fair Trade, to secure sustainable development opportunities to producers which are today missing to the city. Over years, number of producers working for Pushpanjali has increased. Together with the financial support coming from the Fair Trade practices, Pushpanjali started to focus on the other impacts it could have a socially responsible organization. Improving working conditions, creating new job opportunities, supporting women’s financial autonomy, financing social projects such as a health camp center and children education programs – all of these are part of Pushpanjali conception of Fair Trade practices.